TP20 Nadine Hövelmeyer & Björn E. Clausen

Mechanisms of IL-10 mediated tumor immune evasion in colorectal cancer development

Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is a major cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Next to genetic predisposition, inflammation plays a prominent role in promoting tumorigenesis. Despite the presence of immune cells, the tumor microenvironment represents an immunosuppressive milieu preventing effective anti-tumor immunity. Our preliminary data indicate that B cell-derived IL-10 promotes, while IL-10 sensing by myeloid antigen presenting cells suppresses colitis-associated CRC. Using unique B cell-, dendritic cell-, and macrophage-specific IL-10 and IL-10 receptor knockout mice, we will disentangle the regulatory circuits of IL-10 signaling during CRC development and progression.

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Prof. Dr. Björn E. Clausen & Dr. Nadine Hövelmeyer

(Photos: Universitätsmedizin Mainz)