TP17 Ugur Sahin & Sebastian Kreiter

Neo-epitope specific CD4+ T cells – Anti-tumoral mechanisms and their modulation

Understanding the role and potential of CD4 T helper cells in cancer immunotherapy relies on establishing a model system. We previously developed (i) an effective neo-TCR discovery platform to identify both CD4 and CD8 neo-TCR sequences and (ii) a successful adoptive T cell transfer protocol in combination with antigen-specific RNA-lipoplex vaccination and (iii) we demonstrated that neo-CD4 T cells migrate to the tumor, albeit tumor cells lack MHC II expression. We now aim to analyze the mechanisms of in vivo tumor control by neo-CD4 T cells and discover strategies to functionally modulate cancer cell killing, utilizing e.g. RNA encoded cytokines. Thereby we hope to enhance our understanding of cancer immune surveillance and its therapeutic potential.








Prof. Dr. Ugur Sahin & Dr. Sebastian Kreiter

(Bilder: BioNTech/Privat)