TP09 Mirko HH Schmidt & Frauke Zipp

Modulation of glioma-neuron networks by immune cells in malignant brain tumors

Patients suffering from malignant glioma die within one year of diagnosis. Previously, we showed how the Notch ligand EGFL7 governs glioma formation, immune cell invasion into the pathological brain, and described the potential of Th17 cells, microglia and EGFL7 to directly/indirectly alter neural networks in the CNS. Next, we will define the compartmental origin of glioma-resident immune cells and determine their influence on glioma-neuron synapses required for brain tumor survival. In this way, we aim to change the immune status in the tumor microenvironment to reduce brain tumor growth and prevent network integration of glioma cells into in order to develop novel glioma treatment concepts.

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Prof. Dr. Mirko HH Schmidt & Prof. Dr. Frauke Zipp

(Photos: IA+/Universitätsmedizin Mainz)