TP18 Tim Sparwasser

Therapeutic blockade of Regulatory T cells

The modulation of regulatory T cells (Tregs) in the cancer setting as well as during chronic infection by microbial metabolites is the aim of this project. It is established that elevated Treg frequencies are detrimental to tumor patients. Moreover, there is pre-clinical evidence that Tregs also accumulate during chronic infections and thus prevent the clearance of the pathogens. Therefore, we stipulate that Treg inhibition via small molecules derived from bacteria can be a useful strategy to boost the anti-tumor or anti-pathogen immune response and lower disease burden. In this project we will study a specific microbial metabolite and its effect on Tregs in vitro using differentiated murine and human iTregs, as well as in vivo in murine tumor models.








Prof. Dr. Tim Sparwasser

(Bild: Universitätsmedizin Mainz)