TP19 Michael Delacher & Federico Marini

Induction of a tissue repair program as a strategy for immune evasion in tumors and chronic infections

Regeneration is pivotal for the maintenance and repair of tissues upon damage. Our previous work identified a population of regulatory T (Treg) cells with tissue repair capacity. The contribution of this Treg subpopulation to immune evasion in the context of chronic infections and tumors is unclear. This proposal aims elucidate the impact of inflammation, disease development and tissue age on the induction and persistence of tissue repair Treg cells, using a combination of single cell resolution molecular assays. In addition, the contribution of this cell type to immune evasion will be studied in animal models of infection and cancer.








Prof. Dr. Michael Delacher & Dr. Federico Marini

(Photos: Universitätsmedizin Mainz/Privat)