TP16 Greten

Functional analysis of IL-17RA signaling in colorectal carcinogenesis


Using whole body knockouts as well as conditional Il17ra-mutants, we aim at defining the function of IL-17RA signaling during colorectal cancer (CRC) invasion and metastasis in a novel murine autochthonous model of CRC that depends on loss of the tumor suppressor p53. A particular focus will be placed on the changes in the cellular composition of the microenvironment of Il17ra-deficient tumors, the effects on intestinal barrier function and the composition of the intestinal microbiome as well as the effects of IL-17 on EMT and angiogenesis.

Principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. med. Florian R. Greten
Institut für Tumorbiologie und experimentelle Therapie
Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 42-44, 60596 Frankfurt/Main
Phone: +49 (0)69 63395-232


Dr. Charles Pallangyo


Project-related publications:

Pallangyo CK, Ziegler PK, Greten FR (2015). IKKbeta acts as a tumor suppressor in cancer-associated fibroblasts during intestinal tumorigenesis. J Exp Med 212: 2253-2266

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