TP04 König

SAMHD1: Impact on inflammation and DNA damage response in HIV-1 and malignant diseases


SAMHD1, a negative regulator of the innate response, is a mediator of immune evasion for HIV-1 and has been linked DNA damage response and malignant tumor development if mutated or downregulated. A key to understand the role of SAMHD1 in immune escape mechanisms of chronic viral infections and cancer will be to characterize (i) identified proteins that may control the activity of SAMHD1 and (ii) the microenvironment induced by inactive SAMHD1. These results will support the development of compounds to improve vaccine design aiming to induce specific immune responses and to support novel strategies to fight cancer.

Principal investigator:

Dr. phil. nat. Renate König
Forschungsgruppe „Pathogen-Wirt Interaktionen“
Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 51-59, 63225 Langen
Phone: +49 (0)6103 774019


Dr. Kerstin Schott

Dr. Nina Hein-Fuchs

Dr. Lise Lauterbach-Rivière

Doctoral candidate:

Catharina Majer


Project-related publications:

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